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America’s sturdiest, most innovative, all-steel
display and storage systems for bicycle retailers.

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Which tiered rack do I need?

Straight-Forward RackStraight-Forward Rack: Our Premier Tiered Display »More
• Two- or three tier formats
• Sleek styling provides symmetrical look
• Maximize space without cluttering your store
• Angled design provides unobstructed view of bikes

Double DeckerDouble Decker: Classic High Density  »More
• Alternating high and low trays create the ultimate high-density display
• Trays slide and pivot providing easy access to bikes for your staff
• Modular sections let you create the display to fit your store
• Options for the bottom tier allow you to customize racking to fit your budget

Sloped Double Decker
Sloped Double Decker: Stylish High Density  »More
• Same design as the Double Decker, but the trays slope downward
• Stores a large volume of bikes while providing an attractive display
• Trays slope down at a 10-degree angle for maximum visibility

Island Double DeckerIsland Double Decker: The Ultimate Space Saver  »More
• Bicycles are accessed from both sides of display, allowing twice as many bikes
• Able to fit as many as 30 bikes in less than 10 feet of space
• Same design as Double Decker with twice as many trays
• Perfect for sporting goods stores, high-volume bicycle stores or storage


Standard color options: Black, Clear Coat, Iron Glimmer.
Custom colors upon request ($1,500 minimum order).
Please allow us a 2-week lead time to carefully manufacture your displays.

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