Custom Projects

Rudy Rack loves custom projects! We understand that each retailer has unique needs and we excel at creating solutions tailor-made for your space. We personalize display and storage racks to fit your needs and budget.

Our skilled design team will provide detailed drawings for your approval upfront at no additional cost. Our hassle-free custom rack design process starts with a computer model that shows you how your product will look. Then, we provide a detailed pricing estimate and work efficiently to manufacture to your specifications. Depending on the project, the standard lead-time might be extended.

Check our selection, our quality, our affordability – your best choice is Rudy Rack!

The displays in the Gallery were custom made by Rudy Rack and are used by satisfied customers. These items can be purchased or, if you have a design you want to create, please contact us at 1-800-434-6442 or

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10 thoughts on “Custom Projects

  1. I would like to have a bike rack in front of my dental office. I have seen a few custom racks, made in Oregon and California, with a dental twist. One was four bars curved and coming to the center, each shaped like the profile of a molar. Another was two toothbrushes standing upright with floss across the top. Can you build something like this?

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for contacting us! We actually do not make any outdoor racks at this time. It is something we are looking at getting into in the future but at this time, we don’t make racks like that. However, Dero out of MN is probably the company that made what you saw. I would start there.
      Thanks again!

  2. Leave in Fla near ocean in 192 unit condo seven stories which has about 50 bikes. we have out door rack for about presently 18 bikes very near the ocean considering indoor bicycle rack with limited space and desire easy access to bikes. We have room with abo;ut 10 feet height 25 feet wide width depth about 30 feet. If you have any suggestions please let us know thank you. I could send pictures or drawing.

  3. I need a 5 bike stand up rack with a maximum length of 6 feet 5 ”
    possible? Price?

  4. We are constructing a condo for four owners. Each of the four couples has two bikes that they use frequently.

    Our bike room is tight. It is 15′ long. For the first 7.5 feet it is 6.5 wide and for the second 7.5′ it is 8′ wide. The room is 12′ high.The entrance is on the narrow side. We also would need to hang on wall helmets, shoes, miscellany. If room left over, we would like compressor and small refrigerator.

    Elsewhere or up high, probably will store another three bikes.

    What do you think?

    I am also asking my favorite bike store owner who uses your product, Stuart Hunter of roll:

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thank you for contacting us! Stuart of roll: does use our product and is a great customer of ours.

      Would the owners be interested in a 2 tier rack? We can fit a 10 bike version in the 8ft deep section: 5 bikes on top and 5 bikes on bottom. The other options are hanging bikes on hooks or using our Stand Up rack, which holds the front wheel off the ground but the back wheel is still touching, making it easy to add and remove bikes. A division of our company, called Cycle Storage Solutions, has a great Stand Up rack that is very popular in residential buildings:

      Feel free to email me or reply here 🙂

      Ashley Rasmussen
      Rudy Rack, VP of Operations

  5. Looking to speak to one of your representative about creating custom bike racks for the Gander Outdoors chain. We would like vertical and horizontal merchandising options-on perimeter walls and free standing.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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