Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stock the racks I see on the website?

  • We do not carry any inventory. All racks are made to order. Check lead time for availability.

What size tires do the trays hold?

  • Our standard trays will hold up to a 2.75” wide tire.
  • Our fat tire trays hold 2.8”-5” wide tires.

What does Wall or Island format mean?

  • Wall means the bikes load from one side. (Single sided)
  • Island means bikes load from both sides of the rack. (Double sided)

What is the difference between a starter and an add-on rack?

  • The starter rack is a complete freestanding individual rack. Starter racks can be set next to each other to look like one long rack.
  • The add-on racks connect to starter racks to extend length and make one long rack. With one starter, as many add-ons can be added as needed. Add-ons will not work individually, must attach to a starter rack to work.

What is the difference between Adjustable Space Savers and Deluxe Space Savers?

  • Adjustable Space Savers holders are fixed at 2.25” wide. Using 2 runners they can be assembled in Wall or Island format.
  • Deluxe Space Savers have individual side frames that can be adjusted to hold any width tire. Only works in Wall format.

What maintenance do I need to perform on my Bicycle Rack?

  • Wipe down racks of any mud or water.
  • Ensure that racks are assembled in accordance with our Assembly Instructions.
  • Bolts should be tightened down more than finger tight.
  • Racks are warranted against breakage. A new part will be provided if a piece breaks.