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5-Bike Highlighter

  • 5 Bike Super Highlighter V1.9
  • Highlighter Adjustability
  • 5 Bike Super Highlighter V1.9
  • 5 Bike Super Highlighter V1.9
  • Color Options

5-Bike Highlighter


Want to showcase your elite bikes? Rather than using a rack where you are looking at tires, use this display which proudly shows off the side of the bike for a visually stunning centerpiece.

There is a lot of adjustability to this display to make it work for the space. It is an excellent compliment to a tiered display like the Straight Forward. Signage options are also available to make this a complete display on its own.

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The 5 Bike Highlighter utilizes our revolutionary tray design to hold an array of bike tires with no adjustment. It holds everything E-Bikes, BMX, Road, Hybrid, Mountain, and 29ers.
(Plus and Fat tire trays available for wider tires: Plus-2.8″-3.25″ and Fat 3.5″-5″)
The rack displays 5 bikes, great for against a wall with the height visibility.
The height, width and rack angle are all adjustable for maximum viewing.

Casters are also available for this rack.

5-Bike Highlighter Dimensions

Height measurement is in its lowest setting without caster wheels

Bikes Dimensions (L x D x H)
5 bikes 5’6″-9′ X 5’1″-8′ X 5′-6′;

***Please allow extra space on either side of the rack for handlebars. Measurements are the footprint of the rack only. Casters will add 2.5″ to the height.

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