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The Box Collection

Give your bicycle & gear merchandising a new spin with The Box Collection! Keeping your displays fresh is easy with our nest-able, customizable Box range. Available with one optional regular Tire Totter at a heavily-reduced price!

E-Bike Display Racks

Properly showcasing your E-bikes can help you style your space and make an impact on sales.   Upgrade your E-bike presentation with our E-Bike Displays!

Cheaper shipping & easier assembly with our new Straight Forward design!

You are going to love the new Straight Forward design!       NO MORE LOST RAILS!     All Straight Forward racks with 5 or more bikes per tier will now arrive with split rails. The rail with a crimped end (Rail “G” as pictured) is placed inside its corresponding rail (Rail “M” as pictured) and is fastened with a bolt.

Rudy Rack’s NEW Kids Tray!

  The new Kids Tray configures in a 48″ (for 12″ & 16″ bikes) and 54″ length (for 20″ bikes).                       Assembly is as easy as aligning your tray configuration and attaching the new Kids Stanchion and Kids Stanchion Catch.

Tire Totter now available!

The Tire Totter is a great mountable bike holder for easy loading/unloading and display. Self adjusting arm holds bike in place for tires up to 2.75″ wide.

The FatStack Saves Space

“The Rudy Rack Fat Stack has allowed us to command the customer focus that the burgeoning fatbike category deserves — in addition to allowing us to use our precious floor space more efficiently…” Dallas Perry, Bicycles Plus, TX As we all know, fat tire bicycles can take up a lot of showroom space. But, with Rudy Rack’s FatStack,   you can fit 6 bikes in the amount of space needed for 3.