Retail Remodel Project = Increased Sales

This past Spring, Bicycle Retailer launched it first ever Retail Remodel Project where bike shops nationwide got the chance to win a free face-lift. Now Bikes and Fitness in St. Paul was chosen as the 2015 recipient. Among all of the changes made, bicycles were removed from the ceiling to be displayed on Rudy Racks. And according to a recent article in BRAIN’s October 1, 2015 issue, the store has seen an increase in bike sales ever since! “Project sponsor Rudy Rack supplied racks to get bikes off of the ceiling and help focus Now Bikes’ assortment more effectively. As a result, bike sales have grown 13 percent.”

To finally have numbers to back up our claims is very exciting and we’re thrilled to learn our products help retailers like yours become more profitable. Not only can you increase inventory volume on the sales floor with our racks, but organizing the bikes makes them more visible; which in turn makes them more appealing to your customers.

We’re always coming up with new ways to display bikes and accessories and we’re excited for the changes ahead in 2016. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date and be the first to know when new products are released.

Bicycle Retailer is now accepting applications for the 2016 Retail Remodel Project. Go to their website for more information.

Below: Now Bikes and Fitness before the Remodel Project

now before 1now before

Below: Now Bikes and Fitness after the Remodel Project

now after 1now







BRAIN’s Retail Remodel Project

“At Now Bikes, the three-bike feature displays were being used so frequently that they blended together without a clear story for the shopper. Integrating larger two-tiered Rudy Racks allowed Now to get more bikes off the floor and to use the three-bike feature racks the way they were intended – to highlight fewer bikes. This creates interest around highlighted bikes and makes them stand out.” From BRAIN’s 3 Dots’ Top 10 Retail Design Tips, May 15, 2015 publication.

In order to keep the same amount of bikes on the show floor (or ceiling!), 3 Dots removed most of the bikes hanging from hooks and displayed them on our 16-bike Straight Forwards, while using our 3-bike Highlighters as accents leading customers into the inventory aisles and through the store. And, as far as we know, Now Bikes was able to display the same amount of bikes as before…just with better visibility. Plus, tall customers can walk through the store without ducking!

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