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      10 Bike Straight Forward





Meet our newest offerings:

The Single Bike Highlighter and Outdoor Bike Racks!



The Single Bike Highlighter was created to showcase!

Its height-adjustable design comes in both

a Regular and Fat Tire format. The Single Bike

Highlighter works with all bikes;  from

Road Bikes to E-Bikes. Elevate your showroom

and let the Single Bike Highlighter be

the shining star of your bike displays!





Introducing our latest addition: Outdoor Bike Racks!

This stunning collection features our resilient

U-Racks and Double Bike Stable, all glazed in a sleek

Black Thermoplastic for an enduring finish.

Bike security has never been so simple

with our Outdoor Racks! Get ready to

experience the joy of effortless bike storage!





Rudy Rack would love to see you at CABDA!

Posted: February 1, 2024

Posted by: Laura