“At Now Bikes, the three-bike feature displays were being used so frequently that they blended together without a clear story for the shopper. Integrating larger two-tiered Rudy Racks allowed Now to get more bikes off the floor and to use the three-bike feature racks the way they were intended – to highlight fewer bikes. This creates interest around highlighted bikes and makes them stand out.” From BRAIN’s 3 Dots’ Top 10 Retail Design Tips, May 15, 2015 publication.

In order to keep the same amount of bikes on the show floor (or ceiling!), 3 Dots removed most of the bikes hanging from hooks and displayed them on our 16-bike Straight Forwards, while using our 3-bike Highlighters as accents leading customers into the inventory aisles and through the store. And, as far as we know, Now Bikes was able to display the same amount of bikes as before…just with better visibility. Plus, tall customers can walk through the store without ducking!

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Posted: June 1, 2015

Posted by: Laura