Freshen your store regularly to keep buyers interested.

Move bike racks around at least once a year. Putting bikes in different areas will reinvigorate the space and might draw attention to bikes that previously went unnoticed.

Incorporate one or two new displays periodically. Whether it’s a new graphic or a new display rack, creating a new focal point doesn’t need to be expensive. Rudy Rack offers display racks for less than $300.

Use your vertical space to get more bikes on the floor! Purchasing displays that stack bikes while still displaying them effectively will help open up floor space, allowing customers to feel more comfortable in their shopping experience.

Make sure you are aware of your options. Bikes change and evolve every year. Bike racks do too! When you get a new type of bike or encounter a display problem, work with your display vendor to ensure they are displayed properly.

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Posted: July 8, 2015

Posted by: Laura