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Free Max

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Free Max


Designed for easy access and storage, the Free Max holds up to 8 bikes vertically. The trays are mounted at alternating heights to minimize pedal and handlebar interference.

18 inches separate the bikes center-to-center. Hooks measure 2-3/4″ wide and are covered in vinyl tubing. Adding security is easy with our U-Lock compatible lock bar or a security leash.

Modular design gives you the freedom to create exactly the bike storage solution you need. 4 bikes can be stored on one side of the rack against a wall. It can also be used in aisles with both sides accessible, storing 8 bikes.

Space requirements are determined by Rudy Rack standards. ADA requirements and ordinances may vary by location.

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  • Freestanding
  • Single Sided Format parks 4 bikes
  • Double Sided Format parks 8 bikes
  • Holds tires up to 2-3/4” wide
  • Ceiling Clearance: 90” minimum ceiling height
  • Wall Offset: 18” minimum wall offset to center of first bike
  • 18” spacing between trays, on-center
  • Loading Aisle:
    • 4 Bike: 47” for bikes and an additional 36” for loading
    • 8 Bike: 42” for bikes and an additional 36” for loading
  • Two locking options available
  • Available in black powder coat


Bikes Bike Spacing Ceiling Height Dimensions (L x D x H)
4-Bike 18″ 90″ 71.5” x 36” x 81.5”
8-Bike 18″ 90″ 71.5” x 60” x 81.5”
4-Bike w/ Lock Bars 18″ 90″ 71.5” x 36” x 81.5”
8-Bike w/ Lock Bars 18″ 90″ 71.5” x 60” x 81.5”




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